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Keep Your Commission & Build Retirement

Join eXp Realty today! Get your own virtual office, 80-100% of your commission and cutting-edge technology.

I invite you to join eXp Realty and over 85,000+ other eXp Realty agents in keeping

80% or 100% of Your Commission

Join eXp Realty and achieve long-term financial freedom with company equity through stock options and profit sharing. Stay ahead of the competition with top-notch technological tools and optional trainings every month. Prosper with eXp Realty today!

Why Choose Roger Flowers as my eXp Sponsor when I join eXp Realty?

* Step-by-step ‘on-the-phone’ guidance throughout the online onboarding process with agent/owner Roger Flowers on how to join eXp Realty* 45-minute technology consultation (via phone, Zoom or Google Meets) to help configure your website and CRM your first month*45-minute technology consultation (via phone, Zoom or Google Meets) to fine-tune your online and social media marketing campaigns your second month* Continued support and access to tech expert Roger Flowers via text with the option for additional tech consultations* Inbound buyer and seller eXp Realty referrals (as available from my international web presence) at a 25% referral fee

Do I really get 80% or 100% of My Commission when joining eXp Realty?

At eXp Realty, agents have the opportunity to earn an 80/20 split until they reach their commission cap. Once an agent pays $16,000 to the company, they will receive 100% of their commission, minus a few flat-fee processing charges. This means that if an agent earns $80,000 or more in gross commission (GCI), they should reach their commission cap each year.In addition to commission, eXp Realty agents have the potential to earn residual income through recruiting. If an agent introduces someone to the company who joins and sells a home, the introducing agent will receive 3.5% of the commission earned. While recruiting is not required, it can be a great source of retirement income for eXp Realty agents.


Tech Tools for eXp Agent Success

Cutting-edge technology resources tailored to empower and elevate the experiences of eXp real estate agents. In the dynamic and competitive world of real estate, staying ahead of the curve is paramount, and our platform is designed to be your one-stop solution for harnessing the latest technological tools.

Customer Relatioship manager


All eXp agents benefit from the comprehensive KV Core customer relationship management (CRM) system. This sophisticated CRM goes beyond the basics, seamlessly handling emails, texts, and efficiently organizing phone call queues, offering a robust set of features to enhance communication and streamline agent-client interactions.

Internet Presence with Listings

IDX Website

Each eXp agent receives a ready-to-use website equipped with the latest IDX real estate listings. This platform is not only user-friendly but also allows for seamless customization with unique content, enabling agents to tailor their online presence to best showcase their individual strengths and offerings.

Available Online Marketing Program

Make It Rain

The exclusive marketing program offered by eXp starts at just $250 per month. Additionally, KV Core, in partnership with Inside Real Estate, provides a range of supplementary marketing options to further enhance your promotional efforts. Explore these comprehensive solutions to elevate your marketing strategies and achieve optimal results.

Virtual Reality Office Building

eXp World

eXp World serves as the primary hub for agent training sessions, the majority of which are seamlessly integrated into the eXp experience, requiring no additional cost for all agents. Enjoy access to valuable training resources within eXp World, fostering continuous learning and professional development as part of our commitment to your success.

Why Join eXp Realty

Embark on a transformative journey in the world of real estate as you join eXp Realty, becoming a valued member of a global family of agents and partners committed to reshaping the real estate landscape. Discover how we empower our agents through world-class education, strategic partnerships, and stock awards. Explore the possibilities and be part of a community dedicated to fostering success and innovation in every aspect of the real estate experience.

Benefits of

Working with eXp Realty

* A generous commission plan (80/20) with the ability to get to 100% commission with a low annual cap. Low Fees. No franchise fees off the top, no royalty fees, no desk fees* Free use of the Regus office spaces worldwide* The KV Core CRM and lead generation system for every agent*Access to the “Making it Rain” Lead Generation Program* Tech staff available for custom help, specific advice, and general marketing and technology questions* Coaching and Accountability Workshops* 50+ hours of live training classes every week* Multiple Revenue Streams – The industry’s best revenue share program – your residual income will not stop if you retire, go on vacation or heaven forbid, go on disability

What are the costs to join eXp Realty?

For $149 startup and $85 monthly you get...

* 1,000 business cards designed, printed and mailed to you (one-time)
* Setup and support of your KV Core lead generation website by Inside Real Estate
* Contact Management System as part of your KV Core Platform
* Regus Business Center Membership to thousands of Regus locations
* Skyslope Transaction Management System
* Your own eXp Realty Agent Attraction Website
* Access to eXp World, our virtual campus
* Optional healthcare plans through Clearwater

More Information

Contact Me

Expect a personalized outreach from eXp Real Estate Consultant, Roger Flowers, who will coordinate and schedule a phone call to introduce you to the world of eXp Realty. Get ready for an informative conversation that will provide insights into the exciting opportunities and benefits that await you as part of the eXp Realty family.

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